The Glitterboy is Dead! Tour 2020

The band made its touring debut in 2020 playing all ages shows in Napier, Hamilton, Whanganui, Palmerston North, Kāpiti, and Wellington. Every show was an all ages event featuring high school support bands and a DIY approach to promotion. All support bands were involved with local promotion in their respective cities, culminating in a sold out Wellington date at the end of the tour.

our approach to promoting the tour was inspired by the lack of show opportunities for young people - both performers and supporters. This tour was proof that young people will work to create these opportunities for themselves when given the right support.

Though the Auckland date was cancelled due to extended COVID-19 lockdown, the tour broke even taking into account ticket and merch sales. We expect to tour again in 2020, putting into practice the skills we learned.


© 2020 Holloway Holiday

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