Who Are We?

“The New Zealand nu-punk rockers of your dreams, Holloway is a sugary sonic face-punch flaunting Taylor Criscuola on drums, Louis Valentine on vocals & Max Long on guitar. Every song is a synth-infused emotional rollercoaster of four-chord political satire and sad-boy sentimentality. They’re angry, they’re fun, and they’re totally not okay (they promise)”.

Things We’ve Done

2nd Place: NZ Battle of the Bands 2020

We placed 2nd in the national Battle of the Bands competition for 2020, in a pool of over 15 national finalists.

Tour: The Glitterboy is Dead! NZ Tour 2020

The band’s first ever touring effort saw us play six all-ages shows around New Zealand, with a sold out Wellington finale. Each of the shows was marketed and curated with an all ages audience in mind, including local high school bands and alcohol-free venues.

Music Video: Here Comes Glitterboy

Made on a shoestring budget with some of the most talented people we know, we are supremely proud of the music video for ‘Here Comes Glitterboy’.

Record: Prescription Cosmetics (EP)

Written and recorded while Holloway was still a two-piece, Prescription Cosmetics captures the crystallisation of our sound over it’s five self-produced tracks.

Music Video: Hot Pink Paralysis

As a nationwide lockdown set in on New Zealand, we asked our fans and followers to collaborate on a music video project from isolation.

Show: Creekfest 2020

Holloway’s festival debut saw us take the stage at CreekFest, an annual Wellington festival which draws crowds of over 30,000.

New Member: Max Long (Guitar)

Max Long is the band’s primary guitarist and Louis’ longtime childhood friend. As the band moved from the studio into developing a live show, Max became an integral part of our sound and is now a full-time contributing member.

Show: Supporting Openside on Their Final NZ Tour

The band was honoured to play support on the Hamilton leg of Openside’s last ever tour.

New Member: Taylor Criscuola

Taylor met Louis at a Killers live show, where he was invited on stage to play a song with the legendary Las Vegas band. With this serving as an unmatched audition, Taylor joined Holloway shortly after.

Record: Psycho Sensitive (EP)

This record marks the very beginning of Holloway. Read about how Louis’ self-produced bedroom record marked the beginning of the band as it is today.

Contact Us

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